His Majesty consented to view QEC’s exhibit

News and photo by Azaraimy HH of Borneo Bulletin.

A SPECIAL exhibition, held as part of the 30th Convocation Ceremony of Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) yesterday, highlighted the university as a world-class higher learning institution which is capable of producing graduates that are research-oriented and technology-driven as well as the next generation of Brunei’s job-creating entrepreneurs.

The exhibitors – all UBD-born entrepreneurs – were connected by three factors – the ability to generate sustainable income, the ability to show growth and expansion and the ability to provide employment opportunities to locals.

Head of Entrepreneurial Village at Universiti Brunei Darussalam Adna Rahman said, “For this 30th Convocation Ceremony, UBD is proud to present a variety of entrepreneurs from classical businesses to technology and patent-based start-ups. This year’s exhibits focus on sustainable income, growth and expansion strategies with the key objective to provide employment opportunities to fellow graduates, entailing UBD’s vision to produce job creators as opposed to job-seekers.”

One of the exhibitors is Quaezar Engineering and Construction which founded solarbrunei.com, a local company that specialises in installation of solar power at homes and industries.

In an interview, one of its partners, Hamidah binti Haji Ismail, said, “We started our project in 2015 while doing our PhD. We’ve done our MSc in Energy Studies and during the period, we got exposed to people abroad who are in similar industries. First we decided to try to market our product in Brunei. We started very small by selling solar lights to home owners. Now we’re supplying products and doing work for corporations and the government.”