We provide consultation, design, procurement and installation services of solar photovoltaic systems.

Due to the absence of national on-grid solar/renewable energy regulation such as the feed-in-tariff (FiT) or the net energy metering (NEM) schemes in Brunei Darussalam, our installation has so far been off-grid systems only.

The main difference between an on-grid system and an off-grid system is the battery requirement. For an on-grid systems, the system will have the capability to send excess power to the grid allowing the system owner to earn money (if it is a FiT scheme) or enjoy reduced electricity bill (if it is a NEM secheme). So, for an off-grid system, excess power during the day has to be stored in batteries for night time usage and to ensure a stable power supply.

A schematic diagram of an off-grid solar photovoltaic system
A schematic diagram of an off-grid solar photovoltaic system.

Our team will assist you to determine the right system size based on your usage and/or budget all the way through designing and installation. To request for a quotation you may reach us at +673 8902 948 (direct WhatsApp link) or fill in the quotation form below:

Please state in kWh. If unsure, please list down the electronic equipments to be powered, quantity, wattage rating and their estimated consumption hours per day (E.g., CEILING FAN - 1 pc, 50 watts, 12 hours, LED LAMP - 2 pcs, 10 watts, 12 hours).