We supply and install solar powered lightings and normal lightings for your homes and businesses.

Why solar lights?

We understand that installing lighting fixtures, especially outdoor lights can be expensive and tedious. But when you opt for solar powered lightings, you can save a lot by avoiding these things:

Electricity charges – Solar lights are entirely powered by the free energy from the Sun, so you do not need to pay for any electrical usage.

Trench wiring – Most solar lighting systems come with their dedicated solar panels, so you do not need to run underground wire from the nearest electrical transformer to your lighting system.

Trenching – As no wiring is needed when installing solar lights, you do not need to dig trenches for your underground wiring.

Replacement landscaping – Because no trenching is necessary when installing solar lights, you do not have to replace and repair the landscape that is torn apart during the trenching process.

Replacement wiring – Due to age and weathering, your underground cables and fixtures will no doubt deteriorate over time. Since these things are located underground below your garden or within your landscape, you will have to do some digging and damaging to locate the fault and to replace them. Since solar powered lightings have their power source on itself, its very easy to locate and solve the problem.

We mainly install these three types of solar lightings (link to product page) – streetlights, floodlights and landscape lights. You may fill in the form below to request for quotation.

Example of installation method: wall mounting, with pole, etc.

Alternatively, if you are not sure which solar lights will be most suitable for your compound, you may request for a site visit or product demonstration. It’s FREE of charge (Brunei only), just fill in this form and we will contact you as soon as possible for confirmation. Or just contact us at 8902 948 (available on WhatsApp).